The term PROCRASTINATION indicates deliberate delaying or postponing the task for various reasons.We all procrastinate at some point of time in our lives. Here I am not very much talking about or stressing on clinical procrastination which might be associated with one’s Psychology and can be a serious problem and affect the output badly in most of the cases, a milder version of it also can have negative consequences and lead to disappointments and anxiety in later stage. Human beings have been procrastinating since ages and this behavior also is found in some birds and animals. I am putting my views on this and the solutions that we can apply to eradicate or reduce it to minimum.


Instant gratification– though we all have amazing future goals, the results and rewards of it remains in future and that doesn’t quite excite us. So we end up doing the things which give us immediate rewards. For example, choosing to eat healthy everyday can make us fit and healthy in long term, but if we have a piece of pastry in front of us, we would rather chose to eat it right away for instant gratification.

Coping mechanism– starting of any task or the process of it can be stressful, so many of us avoid to start it at the first place to cope up with the associated anxiety and stress even though we are aware of the fact that the delaying may cause more stress and anxiety and worsen up the results and puts one’s credibility at stake.

Indecisiveness and lack of ability to prioritize tasks– often we fail to decide the priorities and goals that are of true importance and end up choosing the wrong ones to start with.

Day dreaming and impulsiveness– these are the factors which again push the tasks and goals further away.

Fear of being evaluated wrongly– success is never guaranteed in all tasks that we perform. Insistence on perfection and fear of one’s abilities being judged wrongly by others, put an individual to procrastinate the task.

others– there are other reasons such as lack of motivation, poor time management, poor self esteem, distraction and few psychological factors such as depression etc.

Now, lets talk about the solutions to beat procrastination or reduce it to maximum.


Awareness– unless we are aware of something, we aren’t likely to change it. So we have to acknowledge that we are procrastinating something and also be aware of the triggers and outcome.

Prioritizing the tasks– Classifying and prioritizing the tasks as per their importance and urgency can contribute to building a structured way of dealing with procrastination. Make a list of the things to accomplish beforehand to have a clear vision for the day. Start the day with the most important task and don’t jump onto the next task until you’re done with the first one. Try to accomplish the list and if anything left can be carried out to the next day’s priority list.

Setting realistic and achievable goals and tasks– these are easy to start and take less time to accomplish, so we develop a sense of achievement upon accomplishment, which in turn makes us less likely to procrastinate.

Being consistent with tasks– It will inculcate discipline and will lead to more productivity and fulfillment.

Thing to remember– Starting is the only hurdle for any task. As we start working on something the process becomes less painful and more enjoyable. Getting started is as important as succeeding at all. Track your progress by maintaining a calendar and you will notice that all it takes is to take a starting step and being consistent and focused towards the goal and at the end we feel proud and not guilty.

The child in me peeped out and my heart skipped a beat in that moment of thrill.

A212DEE6-55DC-4F03-A2B0-74A3DC99D4B7So picking the happiest moment of my recent trek to Kedarkantha in December 2019 is as difficult as to plan a next possible trip in this pandemic situation 😛Each and every step that led to the successful completion of the trek including pain n discomfort was destined to be experienced for its wholesomeness and eventually contributed in creating a bunch of happy moments altogether in my memory. 

Kedarkantha was my second Himalayan trek after Valley of flowers and my first winter trek. Little I knew about the adversity that comes with the cold atmosphere. I wouldn’t say I was underprepared but one can never be fully prepared when it comes to mountains and so was i. How I wish to narrate each and every smallest detail associated with this beautiful trek from almost missing to reach to make it to the trek because of the flight mishap, playing dumb charade, eating momos in a road side joint, singing and dancing on our trek anthem with our trek leader Raj, snow fights with my trek buddies and last but not the least reaching to summit and breaking down in tears, let me come to describing my HAPPIEST TREK MOMENT now.

I was skeptical to try rolling and sliding down the snow at first but I knew it would be a tremendous fun if I tried anyway. We all had queued up for our turns and were cheering and hooting with excitement for the ones rolling and sliding. And there came my turn..with my hands up holding my trek pole, my mouth and eyes wide open, i tilted back a little and began to slide on the uneven snowy patch. With each passing moment, excitement grew immensely. A child in me never wanted that slide to end. I was lost in that moment of euphoria. I dint miss a single chance to slide or roll after that and infact I was looking forward to it in my entire journey left.

Some moments make our life so worthwhile and fulfilled that we can never be grateful enough for having it experienced.